Dr. Joessa really dug into my past and helped me to understand more about what is going on with my body.
— K.W.

Happy Clients


Dr. Joessa has amazing adjusting skills! Does wonders for my back. I feel like a new person after every visit.

— B.M.

There isn't a product or service here that I cannot recommend. It might be the happiest place on earth....probably is

— F.G.

Dr. Joessa is amazing! She has gently guided me and my family to healthy habits. She has a true and genuine gift of health and healing that I am grateful she has shared with us. If you are hesitating, don’t. Make the appointment!!

— S.W.

It's one thing to go to the doctors, but I love coming into Jai! Joessa adjusts your whole body, not just the pays that "hurt"- she makes sure you're aligned- I get my ears adjusted! She makes sure I'm balanced physically, nutritionally, and emotionally. I love when I get treated as a whole human. 

— L.F.


I'm so confident in Dr Austin's care. It feels so great to know I can always depend on her expertise.

— S.Z.

Always excellent service and always happy and friendly environment. I’ve sent a couple referrals to Joessa and they’ve all said she exceeded their expectaions! I Highly recommend visiting jai healing!

— R.E.

Dr Joessa is a true goddess. I finally got to experience Gua Sha on my sore, painful overworked hamstrings! Her knowledge, expertise, passion and nurturing personality helped me feel right at home. She thoroughly explained the entire process to me and I am absolutely stunned by the incredible results I’ve gotten! She is an amazing healer and an authentic human! I’m sold!

— L.D.

Dr. Joessa is always welcoming and attentive to my personal needs. She takes the time to warm up my neck with gentle massage before adjusting. I’m grateful for Jai and Joessa.

— S.P.