The new digs!

I opened my doors at Jai nearly 7 years ago. I had the dream to expand and become a collective from the beginning. Then it happened! I expanded nearly 3 years ago and felt like all of my dreams had come true!

Turns out, however, that I was in for more than I bargained for. The management and direction of the collective was life-giving initially, then it began to get in the way of the things I love and value the most; my daughter, family, friends, and my uber valuable me-TIME!

Last week.. I made a HUGE move! I downsized, simplified, and reinvented my practice so I could focus on my practice, my patients, and my sanity!

So here I am! I have moved to one of my favorite local neighborhoods: 50th & France. I am LOVING it. I spent this last weekend immediately following the big move meeting all of the local families and neighbors at the neighborhood’s biggest event; Edina Art Fair. And instead of feeling drained.. I am feeling incredibly fired up and SO excited for all that is to come.

You know that feeling that you just KNOW you made the best decision, you’re in your flow, and life is gooood?! I’m there.


Dr. Joessa